Commvault, a comprehensive data protection and management solution, integrates with MySQL databases for backup operations. It leverages MySQL’s binlog positions to ensure consistent and efficient backups of MySQL databases. By tracking the binlog positions, Commvault can identify the point in the transaction log from which to begin backup operations, ensuring data consistency across backup sets. This approach enables Commvault to perform incremental backups by capturing only the changes made to the database since the last backup, reducing backup windows and storage requirements while maintaining data integrity. By utilizing binlog positions, Commvault provides a reliable and efficient backup solution for MySQL databases, ensuring data availability and recoverability.

Recently, I got this error when testing a full backup.

Received failed message for job [49398567], phase [Transaction Log].

Error Code: [87:90]

Description: Backup process could not find log [~/mysql/data/log-bin.089325~] in the given transaction log location.

If you receive this error, first confirm that the binlog absolute path is correct. In my case, the Commvault configuration was incorrect. The binlog directory was actually /mysql/logs/.

Commvault Error: Backup process could not find log [~/mysql/data/log-bin.xxxx~] in the given transaction log location

Once I updated the log directory, the backups ran without throwing an error.

If the log directory is correct, purge the binlogs up to the next binlog file. For example, my error message states that it can’t find log-bin.089325, so I would purge up to log-bin.089326.

PURGE BINARY LOGS TO 'log-bin.089326';

For more information on purging binlogs, reference the MySQL Manual.

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