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PostgreSQL Excel Data Imports Using DBeaver

There are many ways to import data into a database, some are pretty straightforward, and others are more complex depending on the type of data you receive and which format it is in. I will show you how to import data from an excel file using the DBA tool DBeaver. File...

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Installing PostgreSQL on Ubuntu VirtualBox

PostgreSQL on Ubuntu VirtualBox When you first start diving into a new database it's always difficult to know what environment parameters and resources to use to just get started. I will walk you through setting up VirtualBox, Ubuntu, and PostgreSQL to get you...

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Redshift Query Queues Inspection

Query Queues are set up in Redshift Workload Management and are designed to give the administrator freedom to assign more or fewer resources to given groups or users. On occasion, you will need to inspect these queues to see which queries are running in which queues...

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