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SQL Server Database Support and Managed Services

XTIVIA offers the highest levels of performance, reliability, and security for your SQL Server database environment. Our team of SQL Server Database Administration and Support experts provides advanced monitoring, industry SLAs, ticketing and reporting, 24/7 coverage, and exceptional support — all at a fixed price per month contract. With over 25 years of experience, XTIVIA ensures you get maximum value from your SQL Server workloads with industry-leading best practices.

Get the most out of your resources with cost-effective DBA coverage from XTIVIA. We support your SQL Server database environment, allowing you to make immense savings of up to 60% compared to hiring additional in-house staff. With our advanced monitoring and 24×7 support, you have a team of DBAs. Reducing the burden on your business and letting us take care of the operational needs so you can concentrate on what really matters.  Learn More>

Our certified professionals provide comprehensive support for your Microsoft SQL Server databases. Whether you are using on-premise, hybrid, or cloud instances, our team is equipped to handle it with expertise. With 24×7 coverage for both Standard and Enterprise Editions.  Learn More >

Let XTIVIA’s SQL Server Remote DBA teams provide you with secure and reliable support for all versions of SQL Server. Our certified specialists are experts in managing projects of all sizes, guaranteeing optimal performance, no matter the complexity. Rely on us to ensure the best results regardless of your environment – on-premise, hybrid, or cloud. . Learn More >

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Let our years of experience bring value to your Microsoft SQL Server database investments.

SQL Server Design and Development

XTIVIA’s SQL Server Design and Development services can be applied to both cloud and on-premises systems. Our team of experienced professionals can create a scalable solution that meets both your organization’s needs and architecture, whether those requirements are for an on-premises environment, or the cloud. We also provide advanced optimization techniques to ensure that queries are running as efficiently as possible in either location, so you experience minimum latency when accessing the data. Additionally, our expertise in tuning and troubleshooting can help identify any performance issues quickly and address them before they affect operations.

SQL Server Cloud Managed

Upgrade your SQL Server databases to SQL Managed Instance with XTIVIA and enjoy flexibility – choose to migrate the entire instance or just a specific subset of databases. Get the most out of the price/performance ratio, license flexibility, and security with our migration and modernization services. Plus, take advantage of XTIVIA’s innovations for cost-effective, efficient optimization of your SQL Server applications. Ensure optimized performance, flexibility, and security with XTIVIA’s services.

SQL Server Performance Tuning

XTIVIA’s SQL Server Performance Tuning is essential for optimizing your database performance. Our assessment provides precise insight into what is causing issues and how to fix them, while our automation tools help ensure that any tuning process remains optimized. Our experienced professionals can guide you through any difficulty or questions regarding your server’s performance. In addition, we help identify and correct issues causing your server to run slower or experience higher latency.

SQL Server High Availability

SQL Server High Availability and Always On options provide excellent uptime and disaster recovery capabilities. With High Availability, multiple instances of SQL are deployed on separate nodes to provide quick failover if needed. Always On enables distributed databases with synchronous or asynchronous replication for increased availability and improved performance. It also allows for automated backups, rolling upgrades, readable secondary replicas, and advanced security features for protecting your data.

SQL Server Health Check

XTIVIA’s SQL Server Health Check is a comprehensive system analysis that helps ensure maximum performance and reliability. It includes a detailed review of database configuration settings, performance metrics, and security vulnerabilities. It provides guidance on how to improve system usability, scalability, and stability. In addition, the health check identifies potential problems and recommends corrective actions that can help you maximize uptime and efficiency.

SQL Server Upgrades/Migrations

XTIVIA provides a comprehensive range of SQL Server Upgrade and Migration Services designed to keep your system running smoothly into the future. Our experienced team can help you upgrade easily and quickly with minimal downtime. We also provide support for transitioning to cloud services, allowing you to take advantage of external resources while minimizing operating costs. In addition, we offer advanced migration techniques that provide automated data transfer, safe backup, and improved performance. Finally, with our expertise in versioning and applying optimizations specific to each database system, we ensure your success in any upgrade or migration process.

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