Consulting & Staffing Services

XTIVIA Can Help With Your Consultant or Staffing Requirements

Finding candidates for a short or long term projects is easy, when they work at XTIVIA,  XTIVIA has ample experience with staffing both long and short term contract consulting projects or support work, providing resources to both small and large organizations for over 15 years.  Our US based team has the skill-sets needed to keep your business running and get the work you need done right.

Alternately, if you have a unique set of requirements XTIVIA’s recruiting team can work with you to fill your open reqs, because finding a qualified candidate and having them properly “teched” in a technology you may not have expertise in isn’t as simple.  XTIVIA can narrow down the field and provide you with the technically qualified candidates for your final interviews to meet your recruiting needs.

Supported Database Platforms
SQL Server

Consultants You Can Trust

Our staff consultants have had professional reference and criminal background checks (CBC) performed by XTIVIA. XTIVIA can provide the client, upon request, all relevant information collected from the background check process.  XTIVIA employees have background checks performed upon hire and then every three years. Some clients require drug screening and we can work with you to understand all your requirements.

What we can do for your technical consulting and project needs:

  • Short and long term consulting engagements
  • Project engagements
  • Right to Hire Contracts (Test drive with an option to hire)
  • Permanent Placement

Consulting Engagements

XTIVIA has over 15 years of experience providing consultants to customers. Leveraging the talent of its US based Certified Consultants to deliver effectively, XTIVIA has the skills on staff to support your short or long term contractor consulting engagements.
Project Engagements

Our approach combines people, business process, and advanced technology. XTIVIA’s professionals bring the business focus, project management experience, and technology expertise required to successfully deliver business-critical technology solutions in either a fixed price or hourly manner. XTIVIA possesses the capabilities to deliver integrated business solutions that satisfy the needs of both our clients and their customers:

  • A wide breadth of  technologies that satisfy the needs of our clients
  • Specialized skills and experience
  • Proven techniques, technologies, and project management processes to create high quality and unique IT solutions

Recruiting for your Unique Business Needs

When hiring technical employees it is important to make sure the organization helping you recruit has the expertise to help you make the best decision. The XTIVIA recruiting team has a network of professionals and organizations it uses to find qualified candidates.  Additionally XTIVIA has the staff with the knowledge to technically screen candidates so you only spend time speaking to the candidates with the technical chops you are looking for.

Right to Hire

You test drive a car before you buy it, so why not do the same when you want to hire an employee?  Based on your requirements XTIVIA will locate candidates and perform technical pre-screens.  Once a candidate is presented to you and passes your interview process, they are initially brought into your organization as a consultant of XTIVIA.

You now get the time to evaluate their talents and observe their interactions with your current staff.  Once the probation period is over your organization may then hire the resource, having proved they are the employee you have been looking for.

Permanent Placement

Let XTIVIA handle the search and technical screens of your recruiting process.  Based on your requirements XTIVIA will locate candidates and perform technical pre-screens. Candidates are then presented to you for interviews.  XTIVIA works with you through out the interview and follow up process.  Once you are satisfied with a candidate it’s up to you to make the final decision on who you choose to hire.


What's Next?

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