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Investigating Locking in Db2

The purpose of this article is to provide guidance on the various ways available for getting basic information about locking events in a Db2 database. Where possible the information gathered allows for targeting a specific table. The information provided by these...

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Resolving SQLCODE -551 on View Creation

I recently faced an interesting challenge. I was working to replace (rebuild) a view with updated DDL, but when executing the CREATE OR REPLACE VIEW statement, Db2 returned error code SQL0551N. This error means that the user ID doesn't have authority to perform the...

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Validating Db2 Software Download Integrity

With the release of Db2, IBM has finally started providing cryptographically signed installation image files. This is important because it provides a means to verify that the installation image has not been tampered with or corrupted during download....

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Is it Safe to Drop a Tablespace?

When IBM switched from old-school DMS and SMS tablespaces to Automatic Storage tablespaces, it became significantly easier for DBAs to create and manage tablespaces. This can lead to a proliferation of tablespaces; over time, some of these tablespaces may no longer be...

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Finding the Size of Individual Indexes

Recently I had a client ask me if there was a way to calculate the size of individual indexes on a table and how to interpret what is reported by the table function sysproc.admin_get_index_info. The client asked whether the value is reported as a sum per table or per...

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How and When to Run the db2chgpath Utility

Recently while applying a fixpack, I encountered this error: ERROR: An error occurred while setting DB2 runtime path. Contact a technical service representative. Setting DB2 library path :.......Failure DB2 Fix Pack Update log file finished at: Sat Aug 1 18:23:29 2020...

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