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Introducing db2pdtop.pl

When monitoring CPU utilization on a Db2 server, each Db2 instance generally has a single db2sysc process (per database partition) consuming CPU on the server. The db2sysc process is made up of many threads. While it's possible to see CPU utilization of each thread...

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Investigating Locking in Db2

The purpose of this article is to provide guidance on the various ways available for getting basic information about locking events in a Db2 database. Where possible the information gathered allows for targeting a specific table. The information provided by these...

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Resolving SQLCODE -551 on View Creation

I recently faced an interesting challenge. I was working to replace (rebuild) a view with updated DDL, but when executing the CREATE OR REPLACE VIEW statement, Db2 returned error code SQL0551N. This error means that the user ID doesn't have authority to perform the...

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