Monica Silva

Associate Database Systems Engineer

As a member of the MySQL team, Monica works with multiple clients to provide professional MySQL services such as database monitoring. She is currently working towards her MySQL 8.0 Database Administrator certification.

Unused Indexes: Should They Stay or Should They Go

Unused indexes warrant an evaluation for several reasons. It can be a red flag that the MySQL Optimizer is not choosing to use the index, meaning that the index is not worth the effort to use. Additionally, unused indexes can take up valuable disk space. In MySQL... read more

Prevent Xtrabackup Failures for MySQL after Linux OS Patching

Patching the operating system is essential to keeping your server secure and performing optimally. Patching is as easy as running an apt-get update and apt-get upgrade. However, this can cause some unintended consequences. For one, MySQL server will also be upgraded... read more

Automating Log Rotation with Logrotate

Rotating MySQL logs is important because logs can take up a lot of disk space if left unmanaged. For example, an untuned database can lead to a lot of slow queries being logged. The error log can become large if it includes notes and warnings. Additionally, binlogs... read more

The Elements of A Bash Script

Database administrators need to know databases as well as the operating system (OS) their database is running on. Bash scripting is where the two merge. For the beginner, bash scripting can be intimidating, but all have the same basic structure: a beginning, middle,... read more

Simple Steps for Rotating the Error Log

The error log is an important tool for troubleshooting. The size of the error log file can get quite large if left unattended. For starters, there are not many parameters that can be adjusted to impact its size in any way, unlike the binlog that has a few system... read more

Start Using Binlogs: A Quick Guide

Binary logs play an important role in replication and data recovery. In replication, source databases communicate data changes recorded in its binary logs to the replica’s relay logs. They can also be used to repair a replica experiencing data drift. In a... read more