Industries We Serve

It doesn’t matter what size your business is, or what industry you’re in. XTIVIA’s Virtual-DBA service can provide the database support that you need.  We have clients in a wide range of industries including airline, banking, biotechnology, communications, entertainment, finance, government, healthcare, insurance, manufacturing, media, pharmaceutical, technology, and transportation.

Our proven, U.S.-based team will focus on your database administration needs so you can focus on your business.  We can work with your application vendors, in-house developers or other teams the same as any of your in-house staff. We can provide development, production, architecture, design, on-call support, and monitoring as well as vacation coverage for your teams.  You define the level of involvement our DBA team has in your environment from complete support to coverage only when your employees need a hand or are home in their beds.

Below is a sampling of our current Virtual-DBA Remote DBA Managed Service clients, grouped by industry.  We respect the privacy and security of our clients and our service agreements strictly limit how much information we can share about them and use for public marketing purposes.


Industry Platforms Description
Airline Informix, Oracle and SQL Server Major carrier based in the US
Informix Low-cost airline based in the US
Banking and Financial Db2 LUW Community banking financial institution in Northern California
Db2 LUW Global provider of money transfer services
Informix Large Texas based bank
Informix North American financial services company
SQL Server Wholesale mortgage lender
Informix Proprietary options trading firm
Chemical SQL Server and Informix Supplier of specialty chemical starches to the paper and textile industries
Oracle and SQL Server One of the largest producers of private label detergents in the US
SQL Server Manufacturer of paint products
Credit Card & Transaction Processing Db2 LUW Provider of check and eCheck payment solutions
Informix Provider of electronic payment processing solutions and services
SQL Server Provider of payment processing solutions solutions and services
Charitable Organizations, Foundations and Not for Profit Db2 LUW Provider of social service at the county level
Informix Non-profit health and human services organization
Informix and SQL Server Organization of farm and ranch families
Oracle Developer and publisher of codes and standards on public safety
Education Db2 LUW, Informix, Oracle and SQL Server Provider of North American post secondary education services
SQL Server College of Art
Oracle School district in the state of California
Engineering and Manufacturing Oracle and SQL Server Designer and manufacturer of mobile workforce equipment
Oracle Provider of import, export, and distribution services of parts, raw materials, and machinery for a vehicle/equipment manufacturer’s operations
SQL Server Engineering design house in California
SQL Server Worldwide professional design firm
Db2 LUW Provider of engineered flexible composites
Informix Manufacturer of lawn and garden attachments
SQL Server Manufacturer of construction equipment
Freight, Shipping & Logistics Services SQL Server Provider of managed labor services to the logistics industry
Db2 LUW, Informix, Oracle, MySQL, and SQL Server  Provider of nationwide drayage and truckload services
Informix Domestic and international air freight forwarder
SQL Server and MySQL One of the largest distributors and providers HVAC systems and solutions
Db2 LUW Provider of solutions in print, packaging, design, storage and shipping
Government Informix and SQL Server Department of Revenue for a State government
Oracle and SQL Server Governing body of a Florida County
Db2 LUW, Oracle and SQL Server County wide social services organization
Health Care Db2 LUW Health services and insurance management organization in a European country
Informix Leading preventive care network
Oracle University hospital in the state of Kentucky
Oracle One of the largest not-for-profit group of hospitals and home health agencies
Informix Provider of  emergency medicine, diagnostic imaging, medical billing, occupational health, medical practice management consulting, and sports medicine and mass gathering medical coverage services
Oracle University hospital in the state of Pennsylvania
SQL Server Distributor of dental supplies, dental equipment sales and services, as well as dental-specific technology solutions
SQL Server Provider of pre-hospital emergency medical care
Db2 LUW Provider of home medical equipment, products and services
Informix and SQL Server Provider of drug development, laboratory testing and clinical services
Insurance Informix Large national health care insurer
MySQL Large atlantic region health care insurer
Informix Independently owned and operated insurance agency
Informix National provider of of health and related benefits
Oracle, Informix, and SQL Server Provider of  health and life insurance for individuals and employers
SQL Server and informix Provider of solutions for property and casualty insurance organizations
SQL Server Underwriter of global portfolio of insurance and reinsurance business
Legal SQL Server Provider of corporate legal services
SQL Server Provider of e-discovery solutions
Oracle Provider of  e-discovery analytical tools
Media Oracle and SQL Server Global advertising, marketing and corporate communications company
Informix, Oracle, SQL Server and MySQL Provider of satellite television service
Oracle Provider of production management services in the entertainment industry
Oracle Publisher of textbooks and reference books for the health-related professions fields
Oracle Web development firm for corporations
Informix National provider of sports information and entertainment
SQL Server Worldwide leader in entertainment devices
SQL Server Publisher of co-branded and customized e-mail newsletters
Retail SQL Server, Informix and Oracle Retailer of women’s accessories and apparel
Informix One of the largest independently owned auctions in the US
Db2 LUW Provider of products to the retail grocery and food service industries
Db2 LUW Grocery and specialty food stores chain
Informix Urban retailer with over 70 locations
Informix One of the largest privately owned U.S. supermarket chains
Oracle, MySQL retailer of casual apparel, footwear and accessories for young men and women
SQL Server Online wine and service retailer
SQL Server, Oracle, Db2 LUW, and PostgreSQL Largest American bridal-store chain
Oracle and PostgreSQL Retailer with over 400 locations
Telecommunications and Technology Informix Provider of ecommerce and interactive marketing services
Informix Provider of global information technology solutions
Informix Provider of storage and library management for film, video, audio assets; photographic material and artwork; document and paper records throughout the world
Informix Provider of technical solutions and services for the marine industry
SQL Server Provider of market research solutions
SQL Server Provider of fleet management and tracking solutions
Informix Distributor of wireless devices and accessories and their provisioning
SQL Server Operator of a global commercial wireless messaging system.
Transportation Informix Travel and holiday company based in Europe
Oracle Provider of worldwide group transportation services
Utilities Informix Regional wastewater treatment agency
Oracle Power marketing trading company
Miscellaneous Db2 LUW Provider of international risk mitigation and business solutions
SQL Server One of the largest statewide business organizations in the country
SQL Server Provider of products and services to computer resellers
Oracle, MySQL and SQL Server Scrap metal recycler that also sells used auto parts from salvaged vehicles and manufactures steel products using recycled metal and other raw materials