Data Integration with SQL Server

SQL Server Data Integration Services


  1. Work with ALL of the data the way you want to
  2. Integrate all enterprise data sources
  3. Optimize ETL Processes
  4. Manage hardware resource efficiently

Optimize database performance

  • Benefits of XTIVIA Integration services
  • Store, manage, and analyze data in the format that best suits your business
  • Reduced cost of implementation
  • Enterprise-wide Integrated Data
  • Deliver Right information at the right time and capture all changes
  • Better use of hardware resource and optimal performance from the database

A Complete Solution

In any business intelligence (BI) system, ETL processing exists to support the reporting and analytical requirements. ETL needs to be implemented with this supporting role in mind. This is not to diminish the important role that it plays, since the data to be reported is directly handled through ETL processing. Some aspects of ETL include timing, performance, and the accuracy of the processing; also important are the support, management, scalability, and extensibility of the ETL design. Real-world systems always have unknowns and anomalies that affect the ETL. These require that the ETL processing be able to handle changes easily and support the end goal of a stable system.

XTIVIA’s Data Integration Services will help you achieve your goals for:

  • ETL administration – In order to provide administrative support, XTIVIA will implement a design that allows the tracking and reporting of ETL metadata. This element enables a clear picture of the state of the processing for informational and troubleshooting purposes, helping isolate issues and resolve them.
  • Dynamic configuration – XTIVIA will develop to support an enterprise system in the publication and distribution of the core components. XTIVIA will ensure design adaptability for business and technical requirement changes and an environment suitable for a large support and development team.
  • Platform integration – XTIVIA will design a solution that would interact with the multiple tiers of a BI solution. These include security, the infrastructure, relational and OLAP structures, and the reporting and analysis tools that harvest the data.
  • Performance – Attention to performance issues is critical for XTIVIA Data Integration solutions given the volume of data processed and managed in the warehouse.

Launch your data integration project and grow it to meet all your enterprise needs with XTIVIA.


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