Database Virtual Environment

XTIVIA’s Virtual Database Administration and Your Database Virtual Environment Work Perfectly Together

Our database virtual environment service ensures optimal performance of your virtualized or cloud computing environment and saves you money. If you are considering or using a virtualized environment, why not consider virtualizing your DBA needs?

Cloud Technology Maximizes Efficiency and Saves You Money

Cloud or database virtual environment technology uses the internet and central remote servers to maintain data and applications. Cloud computing allows consumers and businesses to use applications without installing them and enables access to their personal files at any computer with internet access. This technology maximizes computing efficiency by centralizing storage, memory, processing, and bandwidth.

Often characterized as a pool of virtualized computer resources, businesses are leveraging of the many advantages of cloud computing including access to its enormous infrastructure without having to implement and administer it directly. Businesses recognize that a database virtual environment enables them to better utilize resources without having to pay for additional hardware.

Additional Benefits Make Virtualization a Smart Choice for Businesses

XTIVIA’s Virtual-DBA Service: proactive monitoring and support of your virtualized/cloud database environments

A database virtual environment allows businesses to isolate applications from each other with a standardized hardware platform that reduces support costs and increases the share of IT resources. A virtual machine is an efficient source to boost utilization and promote consolidation. It also provides a dynamic testing environment with functions such as snapshot and rollback. Transferring the virtual machine to another physical machine is easy and it is another reason many companies implement virtualization.

Database Virtual Environment allows IT departments achieve the following:

  • Reduce the costs of power and cooling
  • Reduce hardware utilization
  • Provide high availability and security
  • Improve assets utilization

Like a Virtual Machine, XTIVIA Virtual-DBA is Also a Smart Business Choice


Businesses everywhere are looking for ways to cut costs while maintaining productivity. That’s why many businesses are turning to XTIVIA’s Virtual-DBA for a cost-effective solution to meet the day-to-day challenges of availability, performance, and administration of critical business information systems. We accomplish this through a comprehensive remote DBA service including remote monitoring and the dedicated services of our experienced Virtual-DBA engineers. XTIVIA’s Virtual-DBA service combines a sophisticated suite of monitoring and reporting tools with expert consulting services to deliver complete database performance management. All of the service you need at a cost savings of 40-60%.


XTIVIA Virtual Monitoring Excels in Your Virtual and Cloud Computing Environment


V-DBA adapts readily to the virtual computing environment and ensures optimal performance.


Data is Sent and Analyzed on XTIVIA Servers Not on Your Virtual Machine


Statistics about your systems are collected at regular intervals throughout the day and sent to Virtual-DBA service centers. They are automatically filtered, analyzed and centrally stored on XTIVIA’s host server. The statistical information collected about your system and a complete case tracking history of our database specialist’s actions are available at Your virtual machine does not need to contain and process data. As a client, let your database statistics be analyzed by XTIVIA’s Virtual-DBA service and view your reports and all pertinent case work online anytime through the XTIVIA Virtual-DBA client website.


Implementation of Informix, Db2, Oracle, MongoDB, MySQL or SQL Server Database Servers on Your Virtualized Environment


The XTIVIA Virtual-DBA team can work with you to understand your business requirement and design and implement IBM Db2 LUW, IBM Informix, MongoDB, Microsoft SQL Server,  OracleMySQL or PostgreSQL database servers on your virtual environment. XTIVIA Virtual-DBA engineers can come on site, review your virtual environment and install, configure and customize your Oracle, Informix, SQL Server or Db2 server as per your specific business needs.


Ensure Availability of Your LUW, Informix, MySQL, Oracle, MongoDB, or SQL Server Database Server on Virtual Machine


Unplanned downtime can occur even in the virtual environment. We make sure that your Oracle, Informix, SQL Server, MySQL or Db2 LUW data server is present and available. A heartbeat process monitors the availability of your system and the communications channel from your virtual machine to the Virtual-DBA service centers during and off business hours.

Improving Performance of Your IBM LUW, Informix, MySQL, MongoDB, Oracle, or SQL Server Database Server on Virtual Machine

Performance degradation is often noticed in a database virtual environment or cloud environment where resources are shared. Our team can help you assess your database system, application, capacity, and hardware performance demands as well as addressing security and reliability concerns.


The areas include:

  • SQL statement tuning
  • Database instance tuning
  • VM OS tuning
  • Database software upgrades, patches or fix packs

Any hardware or SAN troubleshooting in cloud environment In the course of the assessment, our engineer will identify areas for potential high performance and stability gain and provide a solid implementation plan that will allow you to manage your virtual system and business requirements.


Outstanding Support and You’ll Save 40-60% on Your Database Administration Costs


As a result of our open systems-based architecture, Virtual-DBA scales easily from supporting a single database instance to hundreds. Your virtualized Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, Db2, MongoDB, or Informix servers will benefit from XTIVIA Virtual-DBA services because Virtual-DBA monitoring service can connect your multiple servers. XTIVIA assigns a primary DBA for each supported platform of an account, so you’ll work directly with XTIVIA database professionals who know your platform. Our team works as an extension of your staff providing 24/7 support and on-site consultation to deliver complete database performance management. And you’ll still save between 40-60% on your database administration costs.


What's Next?

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