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Get maximum bang for your buck with XTIVIA remote database administration services. With our team of experts on board, you can kick back and relax knowing your Informix database is being taken care of. Enjoy 24/7 on-call assistance and industry-leading quality assurance – all wrapped up in one low monthly rate! And with more than two decades of experience backing us, you can count on optimal performance, security, and reliability too. So what are you waiting for? Get the most out of your Informix database today with XTIVIA’s remote DBA solutions!
Tired of breaking the bank on database administrators? Get ready to celebrate ’cause XTIVIA is here to make it all better! Our cost-effective DBA coverage means you can cut your costs by up to 60%, letting you keep every cent where it belongs – in your pocket. Plus, with advanced monitoring and 24×7 support, you’ll have a whole team of experts looking after your database. With over 25 years of experience backing us up – we have performance, reliability, and security covered too. So don’t wait any longer – get connected to XTIVIA’s cost-effective DBA today!
Need a little help with your Informix database? Then look no further than our professional group of experts! We’ve got all the skills and knowledge you need to keep your database running smoothly. Plus, we specialize in on-premise, hybrid & cloud instances, no matter what version. And, of course, our 25+ years of experience means unrivaled performance, reliability, and security – so you can put your faith in us! Get the support of professionals today – contact XTIVIA for all your Informix database needs!
Worried about the safety of your Informix database? Never fear – XTIVIA’s always here! Our team of certified professionals is ready to help with projects, big or small, across all different versions. And we guarantee unrivaled performance, reliability, and security, no matter where you keep your instance! So don’t wait any longer – get connected to XTIVIA’s professional support today for all your Informix database needs!

We're the last Informix Shop standing!

Let our years of experience bring value to your Informix database investments.

Informix Design and Development

Looking to set up an Informix database? Let XTIVIA take care of it! Our certified professionals will design, optimize, and maintain your database with customized services just for you. No need to worry about security – we’ve got all the protective features you need covered, from encryption to authentication. Plus, we make sure everything is expertly optimized so you get unbeatable performance and efficiency! Get professional services for all your Informix database needs – contact XTIVIA today.

Informix Upgrades/Migrations

Upgrade in a flash with XTIVIA’s Informix services! Don’t let downtime keep you from reaching the next level. Our team will help you migrate quickly and easily – plus benefit from cloud services and low operating costs. We’ll protect your data, get the right licenses for your version, check if your applications are compatible, and find the perfect hardware requirements for maximum system performance. Upgrade now with XTIVIA.

Informix Performance Tuning

Tired of your Informix database slowing you down? XTIVIA’s got you covered! Our certified professionals can tune up your database so performance is maximized – we’ll pay attention to details, both technical and business-specific, such as data structures, query speed, indexes, scalability, storage capacity & more. We’ll analyze current security measures & overall backup needs to make sure everything’s perfectly tailored to your application and business. Get top-notch database tuning services – contact XTIVIA now!

Informix Replication/High Availability

Don’t let hardware failures stop you in your tracks! With XTIVIA’s Informix high availability & replication services, you can keep going no matter what. Enjoy redundant data across multiple servers, with better read-write performance and scalability – it’s the perfect option for mission-critical databases that need maximum uptime and data accessibility. Combining Informix enterprise replication (ER) and high-availability clusters creates your desired high-availability replication system. Get the reliability & availability – contact XTIVIA now!

Informix Health Check

Get the best out of your database with XTIVIA’s health check service! Our expert DBAs will help you squeeze every last drop of power from your database. We’ll optimize and secure everything, making sure no stone is left unturned and no conflict escapes. With perfectly indexed tables and columns, high-security standards, and company-wide replication strategies – you’re sure to enjoy maximum performance and reliability! Check it out now!

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