XTIVIA’s Business Intelligence Solutions

Improve Your Company’s Performance

XTIVIA’s Business Intelligence (BI) solutions give decision makers the information they need to improve business performance at strategic, tactical and organizational levels. Our BI solutions provide vital access to information allowing your company to make informed decisions and respond swiftly and appropriately to changing conditions that impact your business.

Industry Standard Products and Integrated Approach

XTIVIA BI offerings are built on powerful industry standard product suites including Microsoft SQL Server and IBM InfoSphere Warehouse. They are delivered throughout your organization via typical web/office/intranet interfaces. This integrated approach means you can build and deploy robust BI applications for everyone throughout the company, while keeping costs under control.

We’ll Help You Obtain Thorough Business Intelligence

Our team will help you create the performance management tools to make optimum use of financial, operational, sales and human resource data. You’ll gain a single, common overview of your company’s business processes.

Our team can help whether you are just beginning a BI initiative or have some solutions in place. From assessing the readiness of your organization to implementing an enterprise-wide solution We’ll help you achieve your goals.

BI Offerings:

  • BI readiness assessment
  • BI performance/maturity assessment
  • Turnkey BI implementation including hardware, software and services

What's Next?

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