Are you getting this error when trying to perform a backup using Commvault?

Received failed message for job [49398567], phase [Transaction Log].

Backup of [~database_name~] MySQL database failed. The error message [~mysqldump: Couldn't execute 'show table status like 'view_name'': SELECT command denied to user ''@'%' for column 'column_name' in table 'table_name' (1143) ~] is received during backup.

Generally, this error can occur due to several reasons. Firstly, the user account may not have the required SELECT privilege on the specified view or the columns within the view. Secondly, there might be an issue with the user account configuration, such as a missing or incorrect username or hostname. However, this error occurred because the definer no longer exists. 

The clue to this error is that user ”@’%” is being denied access to the column on some table.

You can check if the definer exists in the mysql.user table. If it does not, alter the view to change the definer using the query below:

ALTER DEFINER=`new_definer` VIEW view_name.table_name AS view_definition;

For more information on altering, visit the MySQL webpage.

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