Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence

Data Warehousing (DW)

Building a Data Warehouse differs considerably from building an online transaction processing database. Virtual-DBA, powered by XTIVIA, understands the method and design techniques required for both. Our engineers can help build and manage the perfect system for your business needs and budget.

Business Intelligence (BI)

A Business Intelligence (BI) plan must account for company-wide user requirements. Successful implementation of this is crucial to improve profitability and reduce business risk. Virtual-DBA, powered by XTIVIA, wields the expertise necessary to analyze your business and user needs. Our team can help you choose, build, and implement a solution that meets—and exceeds your expectations.

We have found Microsoft SQL Server to be a popular choice. If your organization has it, we’ll strengthen the foundation it provides for you. Turn to us for Microsoft SQL Server BI Solutions and Data Integration with SQL Server!


What's Next?

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