SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS)

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While almost every production DBA will have at least some daily interaction with SSIS packages generated by maintenance plans or Data Import/Export wizards, these objects barely scratch the surface of a powerful development and management platform capable of providing complex ETL solutions across a wide array of disparate data sources. Having evolved from a simple add-on for SQL 7 to its own discipline supported by a vast developer community, SSIS’s long history and broad flexibility is represented by multiple product generations, each introducing significant changes across the ETL package lifecycle, requiring a specialized skill set for effective development and management.

SSIS Architecture Review

Review or audit the current architecture and provide recommendations regarding performance, security, general configuration, and roadmaps for the future.


Edition & Core Sizing Recommendation

Create a comprehensive evaluation of current BI architecture & recommend which approach (SSIS services, Integration Services Catalog, or unmanaged) best suits business needs

Installation & Configuration


Install SSIS service in a supported Windows Environment


Configure SSIS service to target supported SQL instances


Create Integration Services Catalog on supported SQL instances


Configure for High Availability on supported SQL instances


Best practices for performance and recoverability

Monitoring & Support

Monitor log files and the state of the SSIS service & troubleshoot errors and unexpected results in the development environments (BIDS, SQL Data Tools, Visual Studio).

SSIS Package Management

    • Import existing packages
    • Convert existing packages to supported versions
    • Migrate/Upgrade Integration Services Catalog

SSIS Package development

  • Develop new SSIS packages and ETL solutions to meet business needs
  • Evaluate and Upgrade existing SSIS/DTS packages to conform to new business rules or infrastructure requirements 
  • Evaluate and Optimize existing SSIS packages for performance and efficiency


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