Realizing ROI through Virtual-DBA

Database Technology Ownership Is Expensive

  • Businesses depend on information technology for core operation. The inability to access a critical information system can be costly.
  • Maintaining a resident database administrator to care for these information systems is also expensive.
  • The details of troubleshooting, tuning, optimizing and the ongoing maintenance of modern relational database technology are often relegated to highly paid outside consultants.
  • There are only so many hours in the day. Your staff may neglect performance tuning and system resource allocation analysis to address other critical business priority issues.
  • Off-the-shelf monitoring software packages are available, they come with software costs as well as potential training and upgrade costs. It makes real business sense to leverage a remote service that will maintain and utilize its own tools to monitor your environment.

The XTIVIA Virtual-DBA staff is available for all of your database-related consulting (outsourcing) needs. Our Virtual-DBA staff is part of the same experienced team that responds to the challenges faced by our standard consulting clients. The Professional Services group of XTIVIA backs the Virtual-DBA service, so far more than your database needs are covered. You also have access to specialists the areas of Database, Mainframe, Business Intelligence, EBusiness, Portal and Consulting Services and more.

Proactive Approach for Peak Performance

We use a comprehensive, proactive approach so that your information system is operating at peak performance and available to your users on demand.

Business applications operate in complex, heterogeneous, and dynamic environments. To properly maintain optimal performance and ensure system availability, you need someone who thoroughly understands the technology. Crucial database components must be supported and critical performance tuning and system optimization parameters must be continually monitored and adjusted for the best possible operation. System resources must also be examined to ensure optimal allocation.

Operating Profile and Trend Analysis

It’s important to collect and analyze critical key operational indicators so that system usage trends can be studied. This trend analysis enables you to effectively plan management and maintenance activities.

Virtual DBA automatically gathers and transmits this vital information to the Virtual-DBA Performance Lab. The data is indexed, categorized, and stored in the Virtual-DBA service database where it is ready for review and analysis by your assigned DBA. If any critical signals are detected in the your operating messages as they are being processed, you’ll be notified immediately and we’ll initiate corrective action.

Responsive and Affordable Expert Advice

Since remote DBA services focus exclusively on administrative support, the response time for user requests, performance-related issues and development support is typically shortened. Our 24×7 support means quick problem resolution. It’s rarely feasible from a logistical or cost perspective for in-house staff to provide round-the-clock support.

You’ll find our Virtual-DBA service very affordable. We’ll customize our services, so you pay only for the support or service your business needs. You’ll pay a monthly service fee based on the coverage level you require. On average, this saves you 40% to 60% over the cost of a fully-loaded DBA. You may need a full-time DBA, need to augment your current DBA staff, or require off-hour and vacation coverage. We’ll tailor our services to your unique business requirements. We provide the flexible, expert help you need for 20 minutes or several weeks.

We Know Your Systems

Many companies sink tens of millions of dollars a year into their database administration because they have limited automation, process control, and operational maturity in place to manage their database environments. As a result, management of these environments remains highly manual and compartmentalized.

Virtual-DBA provides access to expert Informix, IBM Db2 LUW, Oracle, MySQL, SQL Server, and PostgreSQL database administrators and consultants to support subscribers regarding any aspect of database design, troubleshooting and management. Virtual-DBA assigns a primary DBA to your account for each subscribed database type so you have a single point of contact who is also the subject matter expert. These services too, are customized to your needs. We offer telephone or on-site consultation for 8-to-5 support through round-the-clock database support. Virtual- DBA is uniquely positioned with expert DBAs who are already familiar with your systems, your business, and your needs and who are available when you need them.

We’ll Provide Relief Support and Train and Mentor Your In-house Staff

Whether your DBA needs training or just a vacation, Virtual-DBA services provide solutions. Our Virtual-DBAs can function as an extension of your in-house staff or they can simply take care of your databases for you, freeing your in-house DBAs to work on new challenges. We’re also uniquely equipped to provide internal employees with training and mentoring—our database specialists have