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Is Your ibdata1 File Growing Excessively?

The ibdata1 file is a system tablespace file used by the InnoDB storage engine in MySQL and MariaDB databases. It stores metadata and undo logs for InnoDB tables. The file size of ibdata1 can increase over time as more data is added to the database or as existing data...

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MySQL ReplicaSet vs InnoDB Cluster

MySQL ReplicaSet and InnoDB Cluster are both scalable, fault-tolerant, high-availability solutions offered by MySQL. When deciding on which is the best option, it comes down to how the architecture and functionality meet the needs of your organization. This blog...

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Understanding MySQL Binlog Format

The MySQL binary log is a critical component of database management, offering robust capabilities for recovery and replication. Knowing the advantages, disadvantages, and functionality is the first step in increasing availability and developing a recovery plan. In my...

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One-way SSL Configuration Steps

With the increasing need for security in data transfer, MySQL provides an option for enabling SSL/TLS encryption to secure communication between the client and the server. SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) and its successor TLS (Transport Layer Security) use a combination of...

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10 Tips for Securing MySQL Database

MySQL is one of the most widely used relational database management systems in the world. With its popularity comes the need to ensure the security of the data it manages. Below are some tips for securing a MySQL database. 1. Use Strong Passwords Passwords are the...

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User History Bash Script

In my previous blog, "Getting MySQL User Info: Limitations and Possibilities," I described how I found a solution to obtaining a history of login information for a specific user logging into the database from different servers if the audit log plugin is not installed...

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