Monica Silva

Associate Database Systems Engineer

As a member of the MySQL team, Monica works with multiple clients to provide professional MySQL services such as database monitoring. She is currently working towards her MySQL 8.0 Database Administrator certification.

Prepping for MySQL 5.7 Upgrade

MySQL 5.6 reached its end-of-life (EOL) in February 2021. If you haven’t upgraded to MySQL 5.7, you are not the only one. It can be an intimidating endeavor. There are configuration, system table, server, Innodb and SQL changes to consider. And, documentation is... read more

Migrating from SUPER to Dynamic Privileges

When performing health checks on a database, I look at how many users are granted SUPER privileges. If you’re reading this, you know why. SUPER privileges pose a potential security risk and should be limited to a few users that need this far-reaching access to... read more

Thread Concurrency Explained: Not a Simple FIFO

Understanding thread concurrency can help troubleshoot performance issues by optimizing how InnoDB multitasks between transaction requests simultaneously, but it is not a simple FIFO (first in: first out) process. That would not be efficient or leave much for a DBA to... read more

Running Into Issues Installing Guest Additions onto Ubuntu 20.04?

There are many reasons to install Windows Guest Additions for Oracle VM VirtualBox: mouse pointer integration, enable shared folders and clipboard, optimal video support, as well as generic host/guest communications. The most notable feature is the ability to resize... read more