Just as your car needs its oil changed, tires rotated, and fluids checked every few thousand miles, your database is a complex machine that relies on maintenance to function well. A health check is important to pinpoint problem areas so you can supplement your database in the areas that aren’t running at their fullest potential. Here’s how we check the health of your SQL Server system so you can keep your database nourished and running awesome.

The Microsoft® SQL Server® Configuration and Performance Review (SQL-CPR), or SQL Server Health Check, is an independent, impartial review of your SQL Server environment targeted at assessing the performance, stability, and availability of your Microsoft SQL Server based systems. This health check analysis can be focused on performance, security, migration, upgrade, or availability issues or concerns. If the main role of your environment is online transactional processing (OLTP) or decision support system (DSS), or some hybrid, the review can focus on what is important to you and your business needs. The goal is to help you save time and money by ensuring that your SQL Server is performing optimally and that your business-critical data is safe.
SQL Server HC key features
The results of a SQL-CPR engagement are thoroughly documented in a SQL-CPR Report, which includes recommendations relating to performance, stability, availability, or the specific focus you requested of your SQL Server database instances. Our team will go over the report and recommendations with you to address any questions or concerns you may have. If you choose, the XTIVIA SQL Server team is available to guide you with the implementation of any of the recommendations. We help clients achieve increased performance, maximized availability, boosted productivity, and peace of mind with their Microsoft SQL Server systems.

SQL Server Health Check is a carefully crafted program designed to review the efficiency—as well as the effectiveness—of a Microsoft SQL Server-based database management System. The efficiency of the system is evaluated by determining the extent to which the Microsoft SQL Server products have been utilized. In other words, is the system “firing on all cylinders”?

The SQL-CPR assessment concentrates on critical performance issues including:

• Database and operating system configuration
• Query performance
• Data safety
• Index efficiency
• Data maintenance
• Security

In a complex computing environment, the extent to which these and other issues are addressed will affect the overall efficiency and effectiveness of the systems in place. The SQL-CPR addresses the issues of efficiency and effectiveness by having a SQL Server certified expert assess your computing environment to ensure optimal performance and data safety.

SQL Server Health ChecksRoutine health checks are small tasks that prevent big problems. Keep your database running at 100%, your DBAs happy, and your business flowing. A SQL-CPR assessment from XTIVIA does it all.

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