IDUG is a hugely popular Db2 conference that Db2 enthusiasts look forward to attending every year. They have several of these around the world. This year, we have IDUG events in NA, EMEA, Australasia and India. Professionals from the US and Canada often attend the ones in North America and Europe. I have been attending this conference since 2015. It’s a great opportunity to meet distinguished professionals from the Db2 community, attend sessions that interest you, and to take certification tests which are a great way to showcase your skills.

In 2018, I was fortunate enough to attend the conference that took place in St. Julians, Malta. This also happened to be a milestone for the Db2 community celebrating 30 years of IDUG. For me personally, this was a milestone in my own Db2 career as this was the first time I had the opportunity to speak at the conference. The inspiration to speak on a topic (“Using db2pd for Everyday Troubleshooting”) was the result of attending these conferences and interacting with the Db2 community.

Since then, I have been participating at IDUG in some way, either attending, presenting, or volunteering for the Conference Planning Committee (CPC). I presented again during the 2021 NA Virtual conference. The topic was, “Understanding the recipe for near real-time data delivery using Q-Replication.” Last year, I attended the IDUG NA Conference that was held in Boston, MA, USA. XTIVIA sponsored the conference and had a booth to demonstrate what we do for our clients.

This year, the North American conference will be held from May 16-19 in Philadelphia, PA. I am volunteering as a member of the Conference Planning Committee (CPC). Ian Bjorhovde, who is also the team lead for the Db2 team here at XTIVIA is a board member for IDUG and will be attending as well.

Come and meet us at this conference if you are attending! If you have not registered yet, you can get the early bird special and save $300 if you register before February 28.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions regarding the conference or if you need a code for discounted rates (if you are a first-time attendee.) I am hopeful that this will be a great conference and we look forward to seeing you in Philly!

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