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Is it Safe to Drop a Tablespace?

When IBM switched from old-school DMS and SMS tablespaces to Automatic Storage tablespaces, it became significantly easier for DBAs to create and manage tablespaces. This can lead to a proliferation of tablespaces; over time, some of these tablespaces may no longer be...

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Finding the Size of Individual Indexes

Recently I had a client ask me if there was a way to calculate the size of individual indexes on a table and how to interpret what is reported by the table function sysproc.admin_get_index_info. The client asked whether the value is reported as a sum per table or per...

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How and When to Run the db2chgpath Utility

Recently while applying a fixpack, I encountered this error: ERROR: An error occurred while setting DB2 runtime path. Contact a technical service representative. Setting DB2 library path :.......Failure DB2 Fix Pack Update log file finished at: Sat Aug 1 18:23:29 2020...

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Validating VIP Usage

Recently, I was working on a database using HADR with failover handled by TSAMP. The database was configured to use a virtual IP (VIP) address. However, when I tested the failover with the application team, some of the applications were getting SQL1776N errors from...

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