Tony Salerno

Senior Director

Tony Salerno is the Senior Director for Data Management and Managed Services at XTIVIA. He is responsible for management, development, and sales support of Virtual-DBA and database consulting/staffing services. Tony has a Bachelor of Science/Computer Science Degree from Rutgers University and 26+ years of IT experience. Prior to XTIVIA, he served as the Principal Consultant for Informix Software, Inc. and was a Member of Technical Staff I at Lucent Technologies.

Database 101, Part 6: Popular Databases – IBM Db2

IBM’s Db2 (previously DB2 up until 2017) is a popular Relational Database Management System used by businesses of all sizes in the computer software and IT service industries. Originally developed for the relational model, IBM has extended Db2’s support to... read more

Database 101, Part 5: Popular Databases – Informix

Informix is an RDBMS, coincidentally started its life from a company by the name of Relational Database Systems or RDS. The database product was acquired by IBM in 2001 and is now fondly referred to as IBM Informix. Informix is ideal for situations where minimal... read more

Database 101, Part 4: Popular Databases – MySQL

For more than two decades, MySQL has been a staple of the open-source database community. As a brainchild of the database greats, David Axmark, and Michael Widenius, MySQL has been a prominent database choice for millions of users since the mid-90s. MySQL is a free... read more

Database 101, Part 3: Popular Databases – Oracle

Oracle is another popular database the Virtual-DBA team supports. With more than 310,000 businesses in 175 different countries using Oracle Database — many of them on the Fortune 100 list — it’s one of the most widely used databases in the world. Oracle Database... read more

Database 101, Part 2: Popular Databases – Microsoft SQL Server

In case you missed the first post with the Database Glossary of Terms, you can see it here. Here are some popular databases that the Virtual-DBA team supports along with some feature or terminology highlights (usually relative to the most recent version of said... read more

Database 101, Part 1: Database Glossary of Terms

This series is designed to be a database reference guide that’s all about databases from the very beginning. We’re calling it Database 101. There will be eight sections in this series. Part 1: Database Glossary of Terms Let’s start with some... read more