Jerrad Dahlager

Cloud Architect

Jerrad Dahlager graduated from Dakota State University in 2015. He earned a BA in Network and System Administration. He is a highly accomplished IT professional with a strong background in MECM, Intune, Azure, Office 365, and many other Microsoft Technologies. Dahlager is currently a Cloud Architect for XTIVIA and an Adjunct Instructor - NSA Cybersecurity Pathways Coalition for the University of Louisville. He has been in the IT field for 7+ years.

Deploying Azure Front Door With a Web Application Firewall Using Custom Rules

My previous blog described Azure Front Door and how it can benefit your business. In this blog, I will be deploying an example of Azure Front Door with a Web Application Firewall and how you can set up a lab to see how it works for your environment. For my example on... read more

What Is Azure Front Door and How Can It Benefit Your Business?

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Troubleshooting FSLogix Issues In Azure Virtual Desktop

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Setting up FSlogix with Azure Virtual Desktop

Implementing FSLogix within your Azure Virtual Desktop environment provides an optimized experience for your end users. For example, a non-persistent Pooled Windows AVD host pool will allow the user to have a decreased sign-in time because user profiles are stored in... read more

Benefits of Using Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD)

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Azure Monitor

There are quite a few monitoring tools out there that can benefit you in your environment, but if you want to capitalize on robust alerting and monitoring within the Azure space, then Azure Monitor is the ideal solution to use. Azure Monitor will allow your... read more