Databases are the backbone of any organization, and keeping them running smoothly, securely, and efficiently is essential. Therefore, applying updates to the software running your databases is very important. Here are a few reasons to keep your database software updated to the latest version.

Database Security

Nearly all software will have security flaws, incredibly complex software like a database management system. As new vulnerabilities and exploits are discovered, software vendors release updates that address these issues. However, if your software is outdated, you risk exposing your data to hackers and other malicious actors who can exploit the known vulnerabilities.


Security is not just a best practice; many organizations are subject to regulations and compliance requirements. These regulations often require that organizations keep their software updated to protect their data. For example, the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) requires businesses to update their software to protect cardholder data. Keeping your database software up to date will allow you to avoid potential fines or other penalties.

New Features and Performance

New versions of database software often include new features, performance enhancements, and bug fixes. These updates can help your database run faster and more efficiently, and new features can be leveraged to deliver functionality to your users that were not previously available.

Database Support

Finally, it is essential to keep your database software updated to ensure you continue receiving support from the vendor. Nearly all software vendors set a date after which old software versions are no longer updated (with security or bug fixes) or even supported. If you run into an issue with an unsupported version, you won’t have any ability to call on the software vendor to resolve the issue or provide a workaround.


Keeping your database software updated to the latest version is essential for ensuring your environment’s security, performance, and supportability. Taking the time to update your software will help protect your organization from data breaches, improve performance, take advantage of new features, and ensure that you have access to support. XTIVIA can help evaluate your current environment and build a plan to bring your out-of-date software to a recent version.

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