Monitoring & Reporting

Data Gathering

The statistics gathering process is run automatically at predetermined intervals, then data is transmitted remotely to the Virtual-DBA Performance Lab through a secure communications channel, where it is automatically filtered and centrally stored.

Data Analysis and Follow-up Action

  1. When the statistics arrive, if monitored indicators are out of tolerance, an alert is generated automatically and Virtual-DBA specialists are notified.
  2. Your Virtual-DBA specialist immediately notifies you of any critical issues and will work with you to a resolution. If non-critical issues are discovered, they will be documented and discussed with you during your regular status briefing, and then tracked to resolution.
  3. Your Virtual-DBA database specialist reviews past and present operational and performance data for operational trend analysis identification. These trends are important to system planning and in troubleshooting performance issues.
  4. All trends will be documented and discussed with you during your regular status briefings and available reports.

On-going Activities

The statistical information collected about your system and a complete case tracking history of our database specialist’s actions are available in the My Database area of the web site for Virtual-DBA subscribers. All activities performed on the client’s behalf are logged into the Virtual-DBA client website via an online case management system. Weekly and monthly reports are produced summarizing case work and important operational statistics. As a client, you may view your reports and all pertinent case work online anytime through the Virtual-DBA client website.