Virtual-DBA Implementation Details

Implementation Details – Virtual-DBA’s On-site System Review

The on-site implementation consulting engagement is designed to meet the following objectives:

  • Install and configure the Virtual-DBA data gathering and message transmission software.
  • Review the current database platform configuration in order to recommend any tuning and optimization adjustments that may be indicated.
  • Establish an initial set of system configuration and tuning parameter settings and allowable operating ranges for critical system resources.
  • Understand the type of application and user environment.

During the service, the Virtual-DBA specialist will look at performance measurements such as memory caching rates, checkpoint frequency and duration, and database write activity. Disk utilization will be analyzed for I/O balancing as well as to detect table and index fragmentation. A review of logical log backup and archive procedures will be performed to ensure recoverability in the event of a system failure.

After implementation, then data gathering, analysis, and follow-up occur with your assigned Virtual-DBA specialist.