What’s New with IBM Db2 Version 11.1

Presented by
Ember Crooks – IBM Db2 DBA Team Lead – XTIVIA
Phil Anthony, Db2 Sales Leader – IBM

This recorded webinar covers an in-depth look into the newly released IBM Db2 Version 11.1. Topics include:

  • Highlights of Db2 Version 11.1for mixed workloads
  • OLTP and Data Warehousing
  • Db2 Licensing and Packaging
  • Benefits and features of Db2 Advanced Editions
  • Db2 BLU Acceleration and pureScale
  • New offerings and incentives for hybrid deployments including Bridge to Cloud and Db2 for Big Data

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MySQL Backup/Recovery and Security Best Practices

Presented by Dale Dasker – Oracle and the XTIVIA DBA team

Learn about:

  • Best Practices when planning or considering the Security of your MySQL environment, what factors, features, and tasks do you need to consider before and after installation.
  • Best Practices for Backing up your Database and how to validate to ensure recoverability. Find out how to backup your data in a fraction of the time, and also without having to take the database off-line.
  • A brief overview of MySQL 5.7 new native JSON support and how it is bringing together the Document and the Relational worlds, enabling a new way to develop applications with MySQL.

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SQL Server Disaster Recovery

This webinar is a study into many of Disaster Recovery options that SQL Server provides. Understand the answers to the critical questions that we should be asked to provide the best solution, not only for the database, but for the business as well. As an attendee you will learn how to change an answer from “it depends” into a solid solution that can be built upon.

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SQL Server Tune Up

SQL Server database hardware, configurations and designs should undergo the same process that will extend the performance and lifetime of the databases and the hardware. Often symptoms such as degrading performance, increased errors or warnings, and concerns about reliability can be solved with regularly scheduled tune ups.

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SQL Server Maintenance Plans

We will dive deeper into the basic task, find out what is going on behind the scene, and discuss when it is ok to use them and when you should create your own. At the end of the session you will know how to create a maintenance plan, how to log results and keep a history of success or failures, when you should use what SQL Server has provided and when you should create your own plan.

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Oracle Data Guard Fundamentals

DataGuard is Oracle’s primary High Availability technology. It is useful for anyone who needs high uptime and wants to mitigate the risk of server and/or site failure. DataGuard can be configured in a number of ways and in this webinar we will present several configuration options, the costs associated with each and reasons for selecting the different options. We will also do a live demonstration of initializing a DataGuard instance.

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Introduction to Informix OnBar/ISM

This webinar includes an introduction and history to Informix archiving including ontape/tbtape, onarchive and OnBar. We cover Storage Manager basics and requirements, an ISM overview and using OnBar with ISM including specific parameters for configuration and commands.

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The Db2 LUW Fitness Plan

This recorded webinar is ideal for anyone wanting to know how they can shrink their Db2 hardware usage. It will describe the areas in Db2 that can be trimmed down and how keeping the system trim will help save on storage, memory and CPU costs. It is also great for DBA’s who would like to see some alternatives to Db2’s Automatic Maintenance processes.

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VBScript and PowerShell for the DBA

For the DBA, VBScript and PowerShell provides the ability to automate SQL Server outside of management studio. SQLPSX – SQL Server PowerShell Extensions provide an automated way to work with almost every aspect of SQL Server. This Webinar will primarily focus on management of SQL Server with VBScript and PowerShell.

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