Microsoft SQL Server Upgrade

Bringing your SQL Server into the future, one upgrade at a time.

We know many of you want to upgrade your SQL Server, but you may not know exactly how it might affect other applications. This is why we are offering a free one-hour phone call between your technical people and ours to discuss the SQL server upgrade strategy and process.


Upgrading your SQL Server version can give increased server performance and various other benefits. Ask us how.

New features are a significant reason to perform an SQL Server upgrade. We can share a list of new features and determine how they might help your business.

An SQL Server upgrade can improve integration with other new products and services used in your daily business.


Security fixes are no longer available. If a vulnerability is exposed, Microsoft won’t provide a fix for this issue.

Hotfixes and other updates are unavailable. If you encounter a serious problem you may end up with a partially or fully broken SQL Server until you upgrade.

If your industry relies on compliance audits you may not pass the audit with an unsupported version of SQL Server.


Should I consider moving to new physical hardware or a Virtual Machine?

Many XTIVIA customers running older SQL versions are also using older machines. Thus, this is a great time to consider maximizing the value of your investment by upgrading to faster, more reliable hardware, along with an SQL Server upgrade.
If your company is moving towards virtualization, XTIVIA can help you get the most out of your SQL Server in a virtualized environment.

What if my application vendor won’t support an upgrade?

If your application vendor hasn’t tested your application past your current version of SQL, or perhaps isn’t even available, XTIVIA can assist you. We can set up a test environment and move your data to the new version. Once your data and any other required objects are in place we can assist you with testing and troubleshooting.

Do I need SQL Standard or Enterprise Edition?

XTIVIA can help you decide if you need the additional features of Enterprise Edition. We will review your needs and give you the information you need to make the best decision for your organization.

Will XTIVIA continue to work with SQL Server 2005?

XTIVIA will continue to help our customers running SQL 2005 regardless of the end of support. We can’t provide hotfixes and security updates, but we can help you solve performance and availability issues. XTIVIA can help you get all the performance, capability and reliability possible while remaining on SQL 2005.

Why partner with XTIVIA?

XTIVIA’s team is well-experienced with upgrades and migrations. We’ll assist you in planning an upgrade/migration with minimal downtime. We know where the potential problems are—and how to avoid them.

You won’t have to upgrade alone.

The upgrade decision-making process isn’t easy—we are here to help. Regardless of what version of SQL you currently use, if you are thinking about upgrading but have questions, or just need some guidance, you want to talk to us.

SQL Server 2005 extended support has ended.

It’s a good idea to get started on your upgrade strategy now, because mainstream support for SQL 2005 has already ended, which means no further security updates, patches or hotfixes will arrive. And since extended support has ended, Microsoft won’t fix any issues with that version.

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