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Some vendors offer discounts based on “year-end” pricing, but this can fluctuate. Year-end for Oracle is in May, Microsoft is in June, and IBM is in December. So don’t let “this year’s discount” cost you next year with promised last minute discounts on your software licensing. We can help.

IBM Software Licensing
Oracle Software Licensing

Many customers will be surprised by an audit this year. If you are not in compliance, an audit can cost you BIG bucks. Let us help stagger your licensing renewals for best cost solutions and financial gain.

Remote DBA has partnered with many of the leading enterprise vendors for over a decade and we understand how to work with them to get the best discounts available, while also helping our customers navigate the difficulties found in compliance and software audits.

Microsoft Software Licensing

Successful Organizations Leverage XTIVIA to Reduce IT Software Costs


Vendor licensing is complex, costing your team valuable time which could be better spent on revenue generating business.

Software vendors unwilling to negotiate, including vendor bureaucracy issues.

Replies from vendors can be slow, causing delays in projects and delivery deadlines.

XTIVIA Solution

We navigate the licensing maze, providing you with all the licensing options available.

We regularly work with software vendors to get “best pricing’ for our clients.

Utilizing our vendor relationships, we increase turn-around speed and get licensing information quickly.


Ease your decision-making process and maximize employee time and value.

Reduced license costs and no wasted time and energy on vendor negotiation.

Quick action and responses create business benefits including lowered costs and time spent on licensing and renewals.