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Why use MySQL Replication?

A distributed data system is one in which the storage and processing of data are distributed across multiple physical systems. This allows the system to more robustly handle errors, bottlenecks, data loss, and remain more generally stable.

If your company handles a lot of data, runs a lot of hosted database programs, runs simultaneous functions, or a combination of all three, it is likely that you would benefit from replication. MySQL Server replication creates more fault tolerance and keeps the system running even if multiple processing errors or failures occur.

mysql replication
There are three types of replication available within MySQL:
Statement-based replication
The slaved database reads the SQL log, which contains database statement changes. Using the log data, the slave copies the master database.
Row-based replication
With this method, the binary log stores database table changes on the master server. The slave reads this data and uses it to copy the master database.
Mixed-format replication
With some finesse, the server can automatically switch between statement and row-based replication. This is the form of replication that’s becoming the standard in MySQL, as it provides more flexibility and versatility for your replicated MySQL database.

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