IBM Db2 Performance Tuning and Health Check

Don’t do a halfway job. Partner with a 25-year IBM Db2 expert: XTIVIA.

IBM’s Db2 architecture is an industry-standard database technology, but its intricate nature requires expert care. Don’t let your company’s valuable time bleed away—partner with a team of experts for a regular Db2 health check.


Db2 Performance Tuning

Ensure your disaster recovery plan can meet your service level agreements.

Db2 Trouble Shooting

Identify common problems and mistakes early, saving costs.

Db2 Security Audits

Uncover security exposures and risks to your environment.

Db2 Best Practices

Detailed report with prioritized concerns and resolutions.

Our Db2 Health Checks rate a database on the following:

  • Are the database and operating system properly configured?
  • Are there sufficient hardware resources for all applications?
  • Have schemas been normalized or denormalized where appropriate?
  • Have proper indexes been created?
  • Are critical administrative utilities run regularly?
  • Does the staff have what they need to maintain an efficient system?
  • Are the proper resources for Db2 performance tuning available?

How does Db2 performance tuning work?

IBM Db2 performance tuning starts with a health check. A health check is a database review, intended to reveal whether a database is performing as intended. Health checks are so valuable because they reveal what actions should be performed to optimize a database for maximum effectiveness.

An XTIVIA health check is customized for your needs—we evaluate your server’s operational environment and determine what would work best for you. After we know how your database is operating, we’re then able to focus on tuning its performance.

Review your business performance from an end-to-end perspective.

Delivering a successful assessment of your database performance by
uncovering the root cause of any database performance issues is our goal.

Db2 environments are interconnected and layered. One error can cause others, and may have a cascading effect throughout the system. With sensitive architectures like this (often working in tandem with others), every error needs to be found and resolved accordingly. This is why examining the database in-depth is not optional, but essential for a complete health check.

What's Next?

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