SSRS: SQL Server Reporting Services

Reporting and Dashboards

Let XTIVIA support your rapid deployment of the Microsoft Reporting Services to enable your highly talented BI Analysts to explore, visualize and report your company’s business critical data. Enhance your analysts’ abilities to translate the data analytics through Power View to better understand and communicate the trends and business opportunities that make your company leading in its industry. Maximize the benefits of this reporting solution through interactive data visualizations, professional reporting functionalities and vigorous reporting management and control.

Typical Reporting and Information Distribution Situation

We have incredibly talented business analysts and team members but up until now, there has been a disconnect between our data collection, data storage, data analysis and data reporting functions. This has caused undue delays in our ability to communicate the business critical trend data that our analysts uncover through a robust and flexible reporting system in order to stay the cutting edge of our business tactics. We need to optimize the functionality of the Microsoft Reporting Service in conjunction with the SSIS and SSAS components.

To maximize your ability to report your business critical data analysis, XTIVIA will

  • Strategic Alignment: Are you best able to visualize and communicate your business critical data analysis in complement with your BI style and the other elements of the Microsoft SQL Service suite? Let XTIVIA optimize the alignment between your SSAS and SSRS needs in service of your company specific information sharing needs
  • Information Use and Analysis: Let us support your understanding of the SSRS functionality and compatibility with the other elements of the Microsoft Suite. We can show you how you can visualize and translate your data an alysis into concise and dynamic data presentations for various audiences and business needs
  • Technical Readiness: We can install and configure all the Microsoft components of Power View   aligning them with the other elements of the Microsoft suite (Powerpoint, Excel, etc). This will tie together your SSIS, SSAS and SSRS solutions for better responsiveness for use cases.
  • Training Needs: After interviews with your target SSRS users, we will facilitate the effective and efficient understanding of the SSRS functionality. We use an iterative and dynamic approach to developing your reporting solutions

Our Approach

Our expert XTIVIA team member highly versed in Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services will

  • Review your optimal alignment between your data analysis and data reporting processes to best facilitate your reporting needs cognizant of your BI style
  • Build a few key examples of the reporting process that generates concise and dynamic data presentations on various platforms (PowerPoint, Excel) through the Power View solution
  • Review the compatibility between the SSAS and SSRS solutions keeping in mind your company specific reporting needs
  • Provide an overview of methodology and best practices for your future SSRS functionality

Contact us today for a quick demonstration of the capabilities of the new functionality offered.


This type of engagement includes:

  1. High Level Project Plan with scope and deliverables;
  2. Quick Start Project Delivered in your development environment
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What's Next?

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