SSIS: SQL Server Integration Services Simplified

Use XTIVIA to effectively and efficiently integrate your various data sources (Microsoft or non-Microsoft sources) to extract, transform and load (ETL) data across your key business data constellations by using Microsoft SQL Server Integration Services. With large amounts of data residing in multiple platforms coming from multiple sources, it is vital we have the correct and responsive data integration tool and strategy. It is not enough to have large amounts of data; it is critically imperative to effectively and efficiently make those data work for us. Leverage XTIVIA’s quick start solution for MS Integration Services by
  • Strategic Alignment: Configuring your MS SSIS scalable approach to integrate your multiple data sources (Microsoft and non-Microsoft platforms, archive and real-time data sets, intra-company and third party data sources). Align your MS SSIS approach with your ETL data projects to expedite your data functionality.
  • Information Use and Analysis: Maximize your MS SSIS services to ensure scalability, flexibility across multiple data sources while maintaining a development environment that your users are familiar with and function well within.
  • Best Practices: We can install, configure all your Microsoft components in 1-4 weeks to optimize your end to end solution using SSIS, SSAS and SSRS. Leverage XTIVIA’s expertise in implementing best practices including framework, efficient use of SSIS packages.
  • Lifecycle Support: Through our expert approach, we ensure rapid deployment of MS SSIS in your environment. We expedite your end user access to your critical business data so that can begin using your data for data driven business decisions. In addition, we offer services to assess your data integration services’ alignment with your data analysis and reporting needs.

Our Approach

  • Assigning a dedicated Microsoft SQL Server Integration Services expert, XTIVIA will
  • Review your data integration needs for optimal alignment with your multiple data sources and primary ETL project needs
  • Review your potential data analysis and reporting needs as they interface with your data integration approach
  • Provide an overview of methodology and best practices for future data management and integration
  • Provide expert monitoring and performance tuning support through XTIVIA’s Virtual-DBA service.
Contact us today for a quick demonstration of how you can leverage SQL Server 2012 and XTIVIA services.


Depending on your needs, typical deliverables include:
  1. Migration of custom code or DTS to SSIS
  2. Creation of SSIS packages (based on requirements collected and scope defined)
  3.  Best practices guidance
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What's Next?

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