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Teradata Managed Services

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XTIVIA Teradata Managed Services offering combines our unmatched Teradata solutions and administration expertise, with over 15 years of database managed services experience, to give you operational advantage and cost effectiveness in your Teradata environment.

Our team members recognize and understand the benefits Teradata can bring to your organization. We incorporate an optimized model for administration and management, utilizing repeatable processes, best-in-class tools, rapid response call protocol and deep industry expertise.


Teradata Database Support

Your Teradata database is at the heart of your Teradata environment. Without the right expertise, your Teradata environment might not perform the way it could. XTIVIA has Teradata DBA experts on staff that can add value to, or augment to your existing staff, or provide off-hours support and managed services. We offer four Teradata service plans: Standard 8, Standard 12, Premium 24, & Flex. Take a look at our Database Support plans and call us to schedule an evaluation of your environment and support needs.



What We Do

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XTIVIA Teradata Managed Services is a cost-effective solution for organizations seeking to optimize the availability and performance of their Teradata environment. We accomplish this through our defined service types, hours of coverage and SLAs.

We provide support from the most basic Teradata operations to the most advanced including:

Advanced Teradata data warehouse operations for every scale database – Growth analysis, Capacity forecasting and Multi-Value Compression, Commissioning and decommissioning of Teradata utilities, Scheduling of jobs/scripts, etc. Use Teradata tools such as TMSM, ViewPoint, TASM to manage workloads, monitor operations of all Teradata infrastructure from a single view. Partner with client to establish SOPs and processes related to Incident Management, Change Management. Closely monitor the SLAs and work with application teams in managing them. Collaborate with Application Teams, Database Administrators, Operating System Administrators and Teradata Support in software patching and upgrading. more

Complete security administration on the Teradata database – Security administration aligned with the policies directed by the client’s security team, to manage access to Teradata Database and applications. Optionally use LDAP for authorization. Maintain access logs and conduct audits. Provide standards and best practices to application teams in providing role-based access, data masking, encryption, etc. more

Performance and Capacity Management – Leverage Teradata’s performance features and use physical implementation best practices in database design and assist in performance optimization at the system level and application. These include, but not limited to, SQL Tuning, Space Management, Statistics Management, Columnar, Multi Value Compression, various Indexes, Locking Logger, DBQL, ResUsage, PDCR, DBS Control, etc. Capacity Management includes partnering with application teams and other infrastructure teams in proactively analyzing the system usage, data growth, usage growth, new applications, DBQL, ResUsage and other Teradata tools in planning the upgrades. more

Events/Alerts and Notifications – Use ViewPoint alerts facility to notify the operations and application teams on SLAs, performance issues such as CPU Skew, I/O Skew, Spool Errors and failed application processes.

Change Management – Our Managed Services team acts as gatekeeper and as controller on managing any change related to Teradata infrastructure and applications, as needed. Collaborate with client teams in establishing a change control process and ensure all the changes (Application, Teradata Patches, and Teradata Upgrades) follow the process. Our team keeps application teams apprised of any outages, work with them to regression test the changes. more

Service reporting related communication – We understand, communication is key in all successful delivery of any service. Our team proactively communicates with the different IT and business groups of the customer needing Teradata support. Examples include outages related to Teradata upgrades, disaster recovery, application changes, impacting a larger group of stakeholders, etc.  Reporting includes daily, weekly and monthly reports related to system usage, health check reports, and production incident summary and other detailed reports. more

Backup and Recovery – Use Teradata Arcmain, BAR and/or Unity to back up the required database objects or duplicate the entire database onto multiple systems to set-up disaster recovery. Restore database in the event of data loss or database crash. more

Documentation of best practices, support tasks and business operations – A continuing exercise for the review and update of all documentation collateral with the learnings from different engagements.

Application Maintenance and Support – Our portfolio of Teradata Managed Services also includes Development and Maintenance of Teradata Applications including Application Architecture, Data Architecture, Physical Database Design, ETL, ELT, BI Reporting and Analytics. We use industry best practices and we leverage Teradata’s performance features in building end-to-end Data Management solutions on the Teradata platform. We build, test and deploy the code in production and provide ongoing support. more


Why Partner with XTIVIA?

  • Over 15 years of Teradata experience and over 20 years of DW & BI Solutions experience.
  • Teradata domain expertise, coupled with knowledge of the tools necessary, to produce results quickly.
  • Experience working with many market-leading organizations using successful Teradata solutions execution, support, and administrative experience.
  • Breadth of project lifecycle experience including agile, iterative, scrum-based processes, with complete transparency.
  • Focus and experience, not only gaining adoption for your Teradata solutions, but sustaining the use of Teradata technology.