PostgreSQL Health Check and Performance Tuning

Regular checks mean fewer problems.

PostgreSQL databases are robust, but also fragile. Challenges take the form of declining performance, poor memory management, inefficient data structure, and old hardware, to name a few. These problems steal money, time, and resources, and can go unseen—which is why a comprehensive PostgreSQL Health Check is a necessity.

Performance, security, and peace of mind with a health check by XTIVIA.

A Health Check is a review of your PostgreSQL database. The results you get from a Health Check assess the database’s actual status compared to its intended performance. Find out if you’re getting your money’s worth from your PostgreSQL database – have XTIVIA perform a health check.

XTIVIA doesn’t approach Health Checks with a cookie-cutter mentality. We only perform checks after evaluating your server’s operational environment and determining what would be most effective for you.

Our PostgreSQL Health Checks ensure the following:

  • Settings and tuning are up-to-date
  • Hardware resource requirements for various applications
  • Normalized or denormalized (where appropriate) for schemas
  • Indexes health
  • Regular administrative utility checks
  • Staff requirements for proper database administration

Review your business performance from an end-to-end perspective.

Delivering a successful assessment of your database performance by
uncovering the root cause of any database performance issues is our goal.

Issues like these can spiral out of control. One error can cause others, and may have a cascading effect throughout the system. With such sensitive systems often working in tandem with others, every error needs to be “hunted down” to its source, and resolved accordingly. This is why examining the database in-depth is not optional, but essential for a complete Health Check.


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