Cheryl Lei Bryll

Senior Oracle DBA

Cheryl is a Senior Oracle DBA at XTIVIA. She has been working with Oracle technology for over 20 years. Having started her professional career in accounting she moved into IT as an Oracle developer for an ERP Software company in Clearwater FL. Where she then progressed as an Oracle developer for the Oracle EBS application. In her spare time, she taught the Oracle Developer OCP courses at an accredited college as an adjunct part time instructor for many years. Her career further progressed into the more technical side of Oracle as an Oracle EBS DBA and Core DBA. She has worked on Database platform migrations, High Availability implementations and upgrades of Databases and Oracle EBS R11 and R12 on various operating systems. As well as new implementations for R12.2 with RAC. Her skill set includes project planning, Oracle DR and High Availability Solutions, Patching and upgrade solutions, as well as daily DBA tasks to ensure optimal performance of the Oracle databases. When Cheryl isn’t working with Oracle technology projects she can be found on a trail or mountain somewhere training for another Ultramarathon running event.

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