Guidelines for Migrating to Db2 Version 9.5

Guidelines for Migrating Db2 to Version 9.5 is a comprehensive document including step by step instructions for the process.

Important Migrating Db2 Considerations

  • Migrating can take place from version 8 or version 9 to version 9.5.
  • Version 7 users must first migrate to version 8.2.2 before migrating to version 9.5.
  • Db2 Clients on version 8 will still be able to connect to version 9.5 databases.

This pdf document includes information about:

  1. Supported Platforms for V9.5
  2. Pre-migration steps
  3. Migration steps
  4. Two methods of migration:
    • In-Place Migration
    • Side-by-Side Migration
  5. Post-migration Steps
  6. Backout Plan

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