Aish Khare

Sr. Db2 DBA

Aish Khare is a Sr. Db2 DBA at XTIVIA in Colorado Springs, Colorado. He is responsible for managing, monitoring, tuning and troubleshooting db2 databases for a wide range of clients. Aish has over 11 years experience with Db2 LUW databases, and is an IBM Certified Database Administrator. He has a Masters in Engineering from City College, CUNY. Aish also publishes blogs for XTIVIA on the Virtual-DBA site to help customers understand Db2 better. He is a regular attendee at IDUG conferences and recently presented at IDUG EMEA in Malta.

Why You Should Attend IDUG: 2023 North America Db2 Tech Conference

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Finding the Size of Individual Indexes

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Investigating TSAMP Details in Already Setup Environment

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